Mr Harry

Mr Harry is a singer/songwriter/producer and all round musical madman from Bury, Manchester. Mr Harry’s sound is jazzy, psychedelic, worldly and funky. He is driven towards the light, melodic trap sound that’s been going around and my roots in funk,hip hop,jazz,dub,eastern music and rock sometimes shine through like a rising into his bright and clear sound. Expect to hear lyrics that take you on a journey of magic and philosophy with hidden meanings and insights gained from my experience of the game we call life.

“I want to spread the idea that you can embrace materialism and the fine things life has to offer,fine clothes, money, women; but if done in a meditative, conscious way with respect for others you will attain the sweetness of liberation from the illusion of material existence whilst enjoying all fun and experience the modern world has to offer. I want to bring people together with my music, to take people of a journey of magic and self discovery.”

Look out for hip hop , trap , jazz and soulful vibes from Mr Harry, flowing down the river of sound that you hear everyday and trickling down the ear holes of your soul.