Grady Thomas

Grady Thomas (born January 5, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey, United States) is a former member of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.[1][2]

Thomas started out in the late 1950s as one of The Parliaments, a doo wop barbershop quintet led by George Clinton.[3] In 1977, Thomas (along with original Parliaments Fuzzy Haskins and Calvin Simon), left Parliament-Funkadelic after financial and management disputes with Clinton. In 1981, the trio caused confusion when they formed a new funk band which they also called Funkadelic, and released an album called Connections and Disconnections. After a return stint with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars in the nineties, Thomas, original Parliaments bass vocalist Ray Davis (musician), Haskins, and Simon founded “Original P” with whom Thomas currently performs.