Chris developed innovative sounds and releases with Senses,Equinox and ASC. As well as linking up with the likes of Fracture & Neptune, and Breakage.

Chris started the now legendary Technicality Nights in October 2001. These nights came to be known for definitively delivering some of the hottest, freshest sounds in the genre, adding new breaks and influences that had not been heard before.

The first Technicality all night event in 2003 received tremendous critical acclaim.

Chris is a regular guest at the legendary Renegade Hardware nights and has played at Progression Sessions, Swerve, Noir and Traffic events, always delivering the innovative sounds that Inperspective fans have come to expect. In 2012 he also wrote music for a series of films for the arts council called 10 x 10, a digital film project by the Eclipse theatre company.

n the last 3 or 4 years Chris has grown his audience even further with gigs at Rupture, Beatz, 170 and Jungle Syndicate events. He has taken the technicality brand across Europe and has also began his record breaking residency on Hoxton FM with the longest running D&B show in their history. His stature has grown to the point where established festivals such as Wireless and Boomtown have booked him for gigs and most recently he has organised the first ever D&B vinyl market in this country.