Revolution Mastering is a high-end independent mastering studio dedicated to getting the most from your recordings. Our methodical approach to the art of mastering ensures we maximise your music’s potential enabling it to connect with the widest possible audience. Our Engineers are also musicians and have written, engineered, produced or mastered no.1 records worldwide.
Our excellent acoustics are a no compromise design by Munro Associates allowing us to evaluate your audio in the most precise environment custom designed for mastering. This coupled with ultra low noise a/c and extensive use of the machine room provides one of the quietest monitoring rooms in the U.K.
Our philosophy is simple: Music comes first.
We have an array of outstanding tools and engineers that help us extract every last nuance & emotion from your work. We can deliver the biggest sounding masters with expansive imaging and startling clarity.
With over 10 years experience in mastering our head engineer Nick Bennett has worked with a wide range of artists, producers, Labels & major record companies across all genres of music. See clients page for list.
Resident mix engineer Greg French managed & mixed in Irelands best SSL facility, Westland Studios in Dublin for the past 6 years and is signed to a major label as an artist himself.
We encourage clients to attend sessions but are equally happy to accept files for appraisal and mastering unattended. In the current music business climate, we appreciate how short lead times are, and are placed to meet our clients’ demands in this respect. We pride ourselves on personal & efficient service – our many loyal customers are testament to this.