Sim Simma

Simone Smikle known as UK Rap Artist, Singer and Songwriter Sim Simma is back with a fresh new flow and album for 2017.

Working with hot UK Producer and Beat maker Cotti (Sumting New) and  Nikki Nitro of Jaguar Records, Sim Simma‘s forthcoming work will be a simmering melting pot of Rap, Grime, Dancehall and Trap.

Once a founding member of the girl group Face2Face, who later went on to become Mis-Teeq.

In 2011 Sim Simma released mixtape ‘Diva Hustle’ which created much buzz around London. This lead to her landing a role in short film ‘I Am Sterdam’ in 2012, TV commercial work and collaborations with artists like K Koke, Filly ‘Get Tipsy’ 2013 – a track which gained popularity on TV music Channel AKA (formally Channel U), Karis Stooshe ‘Need You’ (remix of track by 112) and more recently Don Cotti.