Sixty P

Sixty P’s  journey started in December 2007 when he decided to pioneer Grime and Dubstep in Czech Republic ; it was a new, unique genre. Sixty P produced and made a lot of good vibe music over the past decade; it was the key point to proceed with his sounds even further. Sixty P works with new and established Grime MCs in UK and Europe and is a representive of  the culture of Grime
Producer Credits:
United Kingdom:
Jon E Clayface,Ten Dixon,Kruze,Bowlz (WAVE) Kriptik / Don Cotti STN / Billy Boi / KoolieTM / Setting Pace-Esspizzeh /  ADeeks / Wheeler / Da Rockstar / Mixsy / Flawrio / Kingz RKA / Jake Jabz / Fuse / Zero / Jack Fitz / D Dub / CKritz / Raizer / ET Anomaly / Flowen / Chemz
United States:
Swauve / King Juno / King Rippa
Czech Republic:
Smack (A51),Pain x Butterz x Braush x Ridig x Domz (DOTS) / ) Plio (Plastic Riders) / BBM: Skylla x Bergy Don / Skrypko / Joshua