J Sett, Blackout JA – Bloodshed In Di Ghetto

Jaguar Records brings you J Sett & Blackout JA’s Drum & Bass Jungle anthem – ‘Bloodshed In Di Ghetto’.

Blackout JA’s roaring intro sets the tone for this vibrant song created and produced by J Sett aka Jordan Sett. Jordan is a multi-instrumentalist ; he plays keys, horns, bass guitar and drums – all to be heard on every J Sett music creation.

Audiomission and Jamie Bostron graces us with super remixes for Bloodshed In Di Ghetto. Flash your lighter and R E L O A D !!!

The increase in street youth crime has tainted our urban everyday lives – we strive to remove this from our society and create a peaceful future for everyone in our cities. Communication is the key.