1. NikkiNitro,Nymron - Get Yu Wine On Nikkinitro - Music 3:30
  2. Kasha Rae -We Dont Play - Cypher Kasha Rae 6:33
  3. NikkiNitro,P Money - Should Know Better 3:01
  4. Mr Harry - Living Spherical Mr Harry - Living Spherical 3:32
  5. Salazar, Zena Shaw - Loyalty 1:53
  6. Juxci D & Nikkinitro - Remedy 3:30
  7. Juxci D & Nikkinitro - Remedy - Danny Rich Garage Remix 4:24
  8. J Sett, Blackout JA - Soul Searching J Sett, Blackout JA - Soul Searching 4:56
  9. Kid Funke - Dance Pressure 7:07
  10. Jendor - Everybody Say OG's Jendor 3:55
  11. Yeah Yeah (I Love It) (Original Mix) Kid Funke, Sadie Davis 5:18
  12. Sim Simma - Happy Birthday 3:19
  13. Zena Shaw - Cash - Hitman stonky dubstep remix 5:02
  14. This And That (Pro By Nikki Ni OBoi 2:01
  15. Juxci D & Nikkinitro - Eye Candy 3:26
  16. Juxci D & Nikkinitro - Eye Candy - Emptea Jungle D&B Instrumental Remix 4:32


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Meat Wars

Release Date : June 27, 2017
Format : CD

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