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U.K. artist paints grime rappers to look like British nobility – Los Angeles Times

The Internet is still obsessing over Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, but if you ask Drake himself what his current obsessions are, he’d probably mention grime, a U.K.-born genre that owes equal debts to hip-hop, dancehall, drum and bass, and late 1990s ringtones.Drake’s not the only rap dude who likes grime. Kanye premiered “All Day” at...

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Ruby Girl is Home – Rhode Island Monthly

MainMoreSocial MediaTrooper Daniel O’Neil and Ruby pose for our “Rhode Islanders of the Year” cover story. (Photo by Alex Gagne)There’s a reason why people jump into action on social media when a dog goes missing. Most of us know what it feels like to lose our best friend and fear she’ll never come back. And...

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The Mighty Technics SL-1200 – Sound&Vision

Coveted by audiophiles and DJs, the iconic turntable is still going strong half a century later. It’s rare for any piece of audio gear to remain in production for more than a few years, let alone a turntable that not only survives but continues to evolve for the better part of five decades. The Technics...

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